A wedding, a new family, and a great place: Poland took me by surprise.

My brother Richard and his fiance Joanna got married in Rumia, Poland in July.  About 30 relatives and friends flew over to join 50 from Joanna’s side, and we spent the weekend in this fabulous country villa.    We didn’t speak a word of Polish as I presumed everybody would speak English. We Brits are so lazy. Luckily my dad could manage a few phrases and Joanna was on hand to translate. Her dad Edmund could speak English like a tourist, and I was impressed that he made the effort. Joanna’s mum, Grazyna made a fantastic effort to make us all … Continue reading A wedding, a new family, and a great place: Poland took me by surprise.

Enjoy your Trip-35

You remember I also bought this Olympus Trip-35 from the Internet for £11.50. I gave it a whirl with a new roll of Kodak Ekta 100. 1-hour processing at ASDA again followed by minor corrections in PSE. I think the expired Fuji 160 NPC from my last post is better than this new Kodak Ekta 100. And I’m not convinced the old Trip-35 doesn’t have the odd light leak, which makes for a more interesting picture. Continue reading Enjoy your Trip-35

Long live expired FILM !

Following on from my earlier post “Look at my new FILM camera’s!” you can see the results from my VOIGTLANDER Vito C, 35mm film camera, with a f2.8 lens, which cost me £2.71.  Remember it’s completely manual, and I put an expired roll of Fuji Colour 160 NPC through it. This film is superb. Much better results than the Kodak Portra 100. And a great camera to use. I took these shots at Preston Dock, Lancashire, UK. I did minor corrections in PSE after I processed it at ASDA – of all places – in 1 hour. Only cost £8 … Continue reading Long live expired FILM !

3 glorious days of UK Corporate Games

Preston City held the 2012 UK Corporate Games weekend event on the 13, 14, 15th July with 4,500 competitors from 50 corporations in UK competing in 27 different games across 12 sites in the Preston area. We (the Preston Photographic Society) sent 10 men and women in to action to capture 1,000’s of shots. Here are my personal favourites from the 3 days. Continue reading 3 glorious days of UK Corporate Games

My new FILM camera’s – the results

These images came back from the lab this week, printed on Fuji lustre paper and CD. They were taken on my Voigtlander Vito BL using Kodak Portra 160 (35mm), and my Ensign 1620 using Kodak Portra 160 (medium format 120). See my previous post and remember, both camera’s are fully manual, including a manual focus ring – you have to guess! I wasn’t so much disappointed, as unimpressed by the images on paper. I had built my hopes up to expect outstanding colour printed images. It’s Portra, right! I have avoided any post editing for this slide show because you might … Continue reading My new FILM camera’s – the results