Crossing the English Channel

2nd Week of February 2015

We went to France mid January, travelling by Brittany Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen.

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It was a good voyage.

All shots taken on my Galaxy Samsung.

Oodles of doodles.

1st week of February 2015

I can’t resist knocking up a few drawings of colleagues and things, when I’m in meetings. The minute somebody else starts rabbiting on…doodling passes the time!


The paints come out…


And sketches of France…

20150122_172230 120150122_172336 copy

It can’t all be about work, all the time…

Olympus OM1n

4th week of January 2015

It is not exaggerating to credit Olympus OM-1 as a camera that sets new industry standards for SLR in terms of functionality, portability and ease of handling when it was first introduced way back to the early seventies. It created the “compact SLR” concept and changed the course of 35mm SLR development.


It was a sensation at its very first debut, and remains a hot item today among many collectors. Don’t ever let the dimension of the camera misled you to think it is just another ordinary SLR – the OM-1(n) is actually a full blown system SLR camera. It is not only one of the world’s best performing 35mm SLR cameras, but also at one stage during early and mid seventies put Olympus Optical Co., among the most respectable name with other Japanese 35mm SLR manufacturers. (text credit to

olympus om1n v2

I bought mine from a company in the UK that specialises in servicing and warrantying these models. It cost me £150 and works likes a dream.






Shot on Fujifilm 200 and processed at Fuji Labs in Burnley.

Yashica Electra 35 GS

3rd week in January 2015

I picked up this camera from eBay UK  for about £15 and when I got it home I thought ” oh dear this looks like a silly purchase, better leave in the junk drawer until I can be bothered to play with it”. After all, it was over 30 years old and had no battery. And I couldn’t find one. After some searching I found it shot at 1/500 in manual. Oh boy.


On reflection, it is a really great looking camera. It was one of biggest selling consumer cameras in the 1960’s.

In order to use the “silly f16 rule” I needed to factor in the ISO 200 film which resulted in me calculating an on-the-spot light reading, taking the 1/500 shutter speed and using a best-guess before I hit the shutter release.

Oh, don’t forget I had to use the range finder focus screen and trust it worked.

Samples of my results:






This camera has some light leaks, so I will tape up the back in the meantime.

I really like the feel of the pictures. They almost look like 120-medium format with great depth of field.  So if I really like the camera, I will get it repaired/serviced for about £75 and use it as my main Rangefinder…..perhaps.

The Yashica Electro 35 GS is a coupled-rangefinder, leaf-shuttered 35mm camera with aperture-priority automatic exposure. The Electro 35 GS/GT was released in 1970 by Yashica. The lens is a Color-Yashinon DX 1:1.7 f=45mm lens made in Japan

Yashica AF Mini

2nd Week January 2015

I found my gran dad’s 35mm camera. It still had some Fujifilm C200 film in it from 12 years ago, so I finished off the roll.





My friend Gywnn bought me a superb present of 5 x rolls of Portra 400 for Xmas….What a good man.

yash af m


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